Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dresses from Aislestyle.

Aisle style is a new online store where you find all the beautiful dresses for your special events.
I must confess, I've never heard about it before, They get very quick my attention, because I found in the offer my very favorite dress! This one is a total hot stuff this season!!! I saw it somewhere in the internet and it was a love from the first sight! <3 And they have it!!! 

Of course is not the only one in the offer.
The store is providing great amount of wedding dresses. In many different sizes, colors and styles. Website is extremely easy to operate, you find all you need in just few steps. Using thew filters make it even quicker. If you are not sure what actually you prefer, just scroll the sites and look at every single one till you find the exact model!

Very popular wedding dresses 2017 are lace wedding dresses. (click the photo to check the dress)  

Lace is a basic wedding dress fabric. It gives romantic accent for the dress. And somehow this old school flavor :) I love lace dresses. And actually, I like the idea to combine different materials. A little bit lace plus chiffon or tulle, makes it more interesting and a definitely gives more air to the dress. I found a lot of examples which follow this idea of a dress! Look at those below:

Simply gorgeous.
I'm looking for a perfect dress myself, so give me a feedback which one you suggest is the most beautiful? Or maybe you found yourself a type? Live me the link in the comment below. <3

Wish you a perfect weekend! :*


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  3. Amazing dresses *-*
    Great blog! I'm following you, follow back?*

  4. Great pictures, I hope you had a good time :) You will like to see more fun from here.

  5. White is beautiful! This dresses are too! ♥
    Emi Chan

  6. wow I love those bridal-inspired Dresses.
    you look amazing :D

    with love your AMELY ROSE

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