I was born in Poland 37 years ago. 
My way of life brought me to Austria, where I work and live for over 10 years now.
Always crazy about fashion, traveling and Love...,

In private - physiotherapist with master degree. Interested in medicine, chemistry and ancient history. Moviegoer. Adventure, horror, drama, romantic comedy, action, science fiction, fantasy... never have enough.

Dreaming about trip all over the world and moving out to Florida. To have the sunshine every 
single day!

In fashion I love the most possibility to create beauty. I love its harmony in the end... Its like finishing the puzzle, every time different. Sometimes easy, sometimes difficult. But always ends with satisfaction.
Some people says, that you are what you eat. I say - 

you are what you wear :) 

My name is Margaret. Greeks says - ''Margeritius'', a Pearl. So, I am. The Pearl in Fashion World.


  1. Lovely photo! would you like us to follow each other on GFC? pls reply on my blog


  2. Hey, I just found your blog. I really like it. I see that you are a Physiotherapist. Awesome! I'm too :)
    Have a nice day!

    Andra | www.universulanderei.ro

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