Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bye Bra Revolution

Hi You guys!

I have something very special today,

Like I promised last time, I present you today a product very important for us - Ladys!!! Especially in summertime, Holidays, Special events. 
Imagine you have a top or amazing dress back free. You tried already silicone bra, but it looks unnatural, and you have this impression that it will fall off in the worst moment, And you need something so discreet as possible. This one is exactly for you! 

I was very skeptic at first, because you know - all this questions. If it holds good? Is it really reshape my boobs? Can I make it myself so nice like on the video? Do I find the size for me? And the last one - how much it cost? 

The Bye Bra adhesive breast lift with silk nipple covers is a simple solution to quickly and effectively enhance the female breast without the need for surgery or even a bra! The adhesive breast lifts lift the breasts from the top. Therefore Bye Bra is the perfect solution for a strapless dress, a backless dress, V-necked or plunged dresses. The Bye Bra can also be worn under a bikini.

1. It holds really great!!! I test it 24 hours, and it stays right there!
2. The shape of your boobs is much better, it lift it, hold it and you have also a flower-sticker for the nipples. It is invisible under your clothes, feels natural and you don't have to be worried that it fall off - even when you sweat, move, dance, or swim. It is waterproof.
3. The applying process you need to practice a little. So take a first test at home. Do not use any cremes, balms, lotions before. Apply it on the clean, dry skin. It is really easy, probably you make it good at first time. Check those instructions videos:

4. On the website you'll find sizes from A-C, D-E, F-H. If you are not sure, contact customer service, they will advise you and answer all your questions:

Phone: +31 172 764 050

5. The price - its between €23,95 - €34,95. Depends which size and type you need. And especially for you my readers - the Bye Bra store provides 30% discount code!!! Use:
 when shopping on the website
Shipping is absolutely free, and you can enjoy ByeBra! 
I was testing it myself, I use the size A-C, and this is how it looks like under the clothes:

I hope you will enjoy wearing it, like I do, 
Have a nice time and see you in next post! <3


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like the make up. It is very cool. Keep in touch.

  2. Efekt rzeczywiście fajnie wygląda:) Może warto spróbować;)

  3. No me fio de estas cosas!

  4. Lovely post, have a beautiful weekend dear! <3

  5. so cool post, and it's true this kind of bra is so useful during summeritme :-)

  6. perfect :)
    happy weekend :)

  7. This look interesting !

  8. Great review! Love the post!

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